Maurice Lacroix and Leonid Parfenov. Late last month, the Swiss watch company Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix


Late last month, the Swiss watch company Maurice Lacroix announced its first Russian the Ambassador Leonid Parfenov. And on the eve of TV journalist has been formally presented to the public as the new face of hour mark at the reception in one of the most prestigious restaurants in the capital.

The attraction for a watchmaker Maurice Lacroix Leonid Parfenov explains as follows:

“For me is very valuable to attempt to make a clock in a different way.

Witty and original at the same time be square, where all round. These clocks show real character, originality is clear to everyone. Actually it influenced my final decision to act as an ambassador Maurice Lacroix “.

The words on the game square and round shapes relate to course watch Masterpiece Regulateur Roue Carree, which Parfenov chose for himself as an ambassador of the brand. This model displays a clock with a square, located at at 12, which drives the metal-leaf clover shamrock.

Martin Bachmann served as president of the watch company Maurice Lacroix added Parfenova words:

“We make these watches especially for those people who can afford to be themselves. For these individuals and the authenticity of the magnetic force concluded in the man rather than his social status. The type of people is fully consistent with Leonid Parfenov.”

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