Mantel clock. Started in time for summer cottages.

Mantel clock


Started in time for summer cottages. All are slowly but surely, creeping toward the area. Everyone likes to come to the cottage, sit on the lawn and relax under the sun, sipping juice. And that’s what they do when pouring with rain or come suddenly cold evening? Of course you can sit around the fire, dig in a blanket in one hand hot tea in the other – a cat. Of course this is prehistory. And the story is this: if you want your fireplace not only

Feast for the eyes with hot flames of fire and warmth, but also showed the time – we offer you to buy a mantel clock. We have a huge set them.

Most of my favorite – a fireplace interior clock (pictured) – they have skeletal mechanism with the function of the study of astronomy: a model of the solar system, showing the progress of the Sun, Earth and Moon and Earth’s location in certain phases of the zodiac signs. View a more detailed description of these hours; you can simply click on the picture with the mouse.

There is also an excellent model mantel clock, in which every 15 minutes playing the Westminster melody of the Swiss regulator, which is located at 11 stones. On top of hours, as well as on the above, is a model solar system, which also shows the progress of the sun, moon and earth and all sorts of other interesting things.

Want to warm up and do not forget about time? Buy one of these models mantel clock and you will not regret it! %)

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