Luxor World Time – choice of true connoisseurs of luxury goods. Connoisseurs of quality Swiss watches and luxury units

Luxor World Time


Connoisseurs of quality Swiss watches and luxury units probably will not be able to resist buying a new watch industry – Luxor World Time. Luxor World Time – another novelty introduced by the manufacturer of exclusive gadgets Gresso.

Unfortunately, the device does not support 3G, so to view online video of its use is unlikely. Standard memory – 30 MB, but you can extend it with a memory card. As can be negative to note that the device has a 2-megapixel camera for quality photography that does not quite fit. For entertainment while traveling you can use the player and java-games, also has a built-fm-radio. For notes, you can use the organizer.

An original feature of the gadget is the presence of just six Swiss mechanisms built into the rear panel. The manufacturer guarantees that the arrangements would go without winding for ten years. Hours represent time in five major cities: Tokyo, Paris, London, Moscow and New York.

Time in the sixth, the user can set the dial itself.

The housing is made of titanium alloy, which is known to possess the properties of strength and lightness and the top is covered with high quality ceramics. Leather insert adorns the back cover of the device. Of course, the producers thought about decorating his creation.

The front panel is decorated with ornamental bezel gadget is made of 18 carat gold; the keyboard is made of sapphire. TFT-LCD device has a resolution of 240 by 320. Device is a luxury and has a true Swiss quality. The price of 250 rubles should not frighten a true connoisseur of luxury products.

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