In St. Petersburg, took place the official opening of the boutique, Jaeger-leCoultre. October 13 in St. Petersburg took place the official opening of the boutique



October 13 in St. Petersburg took place the official opening of the boutique, Jaeger-leCoultre, as well as the presentation of new models Reverso eclipses homage to Kazimir Malevich. His new boutique famous watches manufactory opened at number 12 on the Great Stables Street.

In 1931, a cloud of dust and a clatter of horses’ hoofs idea – to create a clock face which would be protected from attacks and the back cover would provide the opportunity for personalization. 80 years later Reverso watches have become icons of Haute Horlogerie into a genuine cult. The importance of the concept of Reverso, who was born in response to a request from the British colonial army officers in India to create a watch that, would not be broken during a game of polo, much bigger than it seems.

The model is so unique that over 80 years of its existence, it has repeatedly reproduced in different ways without losing its essence.

Reverso now on the wrist – a pass to a world of not only the history of watchmaking, but also to the universe of technical and aesthetic perfection.

Guests of the evening were moved to the far 30th years. At the entrance to the boutique was a rare French car Delaunay Belleville.

The interior of the boutique, you can listen to the music sounding from a gramophone and photographed on an old camera on a unique technology – ambrotipii. The well-known in this area photographer Michael Burlatsky showed photographs of the glass in front of the astonished audience.

At the party were presented to the Reverso eclipses homage to Kazimir Malevich. The model, created limited edition of 5 copies of the 80th anniversary of the legendary clock Reverso Jaeger-LeCoultre, with the assistance of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

This watch with a unique patented tipping body continues the tradition of the rarest kind of art – art enamel, which requires the special master of virtuosity and patience. A simple gesture is enough to open doors dial, which hides a sophisticated piece of art in miniature – painting by Kazimir Malevich “Peasant.”

Established in 1931, Malevich painting “Peasant Woman” refers to the last and most difficult phase of the artist. Work of this period tended to realistic school of Russian painting. The painting “Peasant Woman” is still the property of the State Russian Museum.

The event was attended: actress Xenia Alferov, which in Russia is the official brand Jaeger-leCoultre, the real queen of style Evelina Khromchenko, Mr. Wolfgang Braun – head factory in Russia and the CIS, Jerome Faver – diretor marketing Jaeger-leCoultre, as well as many Secular Person Petersburg, businessmen and politicians.

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