Huge wheels. Many were interested in childhood by different mechanisms

Huge wheels


Many were interested in childhood by different mechanisms, assorted toys and equipment, to see how it works inside. And many children with special admiration looked into hours, where the set of springs and gears. Perhaps these were a kid and watch manufacturers Wall Gear Clock, because the design of this watch is made in the form of huge wheels.

The author of this design is Wil Van Den Bos, who had previously submitted a few more gadgets. This watch is suitable for all rooms, executed in modern style – both office and home. The gadget can also be considered a device for determining the time and a work of art, because its style and design are admirable. The peculiarity of hours that all the gears and springs are a mechanism for all to see, which makes them special, even in something futuristic look. Determine tekuschee vremya can be difficult at first, but eventually you get used to you and it will be as easy as in the conventional clock with a dial.

Although there are limitations. Technophobe may not like the hours in the house, so if you live in an apartment someone who does not like technology, better think twice before buying this watch. Well, if you have on the contrary, all interested in such devices, we can seriously think about buying this gadget. By the way, the price of hours rather small, as for so interesting a design decisions – only some 150 dollars.

Of course, for most it’s too much money for the clocks, but there are people who will buy them and who want to buy them. But, probably, on this and hope the producers, releasing the clock and waiting for profits.

Like many other gadgets, Wall Gear Clock can be ordered online or purchased at special stores, although if you’re not in Japan, then faster, probably will still be an order via the World Wide Web.

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