Hours Manicure. Graft nails – no longer fashionable

Hours Manicure


Graft nails – no longer fashionable, comfortable and certainly not original. Instead, now you can wear on your nails … watch! And thus to surprise everyone around you. This new world of technology created quite a stir in the competition “Timex2154: The Future of Time”, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of watchmaking.

Organized an event known company Timex, the largest representative of the watch industry and Core77. In the end, won the contest clock TX54, which are attached to the nail of the thumb. At least, this design finds surprising, because nothing like this had never happened. Now you will not need all the time asking about another time, or pull a mobile phone – your clock will always be with you and besides, so conveniently located.

Most importantly, the gadget does not cause any diskoforta. It is transparent, so at first glance not particularly evident. Is only slightly press on the nail, as there are dramatic figures, indicating the time. It’s not just the original decision, but a breakthrough in technology, challenging the traditional bounds, given that in our time especially prized original and unusual accessories.

In addition to the time TX54 can show the date, and it is possible to select the desired color of light that the scanty amount of the gadget you can include sufficient functionality. The device is an example of trends in the development of minimalist high-tech and it is assumed that there are many who want to acquire them. Young people who are interested in innovations in the world of technology, people who like everything new, interesting and unusual, happy to acquire such a gadget. What could be easier: By clicking on the nail, get it’s time.

Beautiful, comfortable, original and contemporary. If you are a bright and dynamic personality that wants to live with times, the TX54 – for you.

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