Hourly machine: A lightning strike. Metal gadget called MB & F Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt

Hourly machine


Metal gadget called MB & F Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt, designed in a futuristic style, attracts worldwide attention and delights.

The cost of gizmos – 258 000. Why such a price? Because the device placed inside the 50 jewels and 300 parts, specially designed for him.

The purpose of the gadget is not immediately clear. What is this? This is not nothing but a mechanical wrist watch. Range – 72 hours. Design is assosotsiatsii with Thunderbolt II, military aircraft, first released in 1975. This plane and before that was the target for artistic expression, so he was featured in the film “Terminator” and “Transformers.”

Released device company “Maximilian Busser & Friends”, known for its unconventional design made her watch. The creative laboratory of the company always tries to surprise the audience with something new and original. Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt is translated as “hours of machine № 4 Lightning.” Two LEDs are made in the form of turbines, show time, and this was achieved by two parallel winding drums.

One indicator shows hours and minutes on the second – the remaining reserve. The dial looks like a dashboard on a plane. The gadget is waterproof, and is the perfect accessory for any driver or pilot. The upper and lower surface of the sapphire clock decorated panels.

Housing visually can be divided into three parts: “Bow”, “central” and “feed.” Nothing like that was not in some hours over the world. The basic material from which manufactured the device – Titanium. Most current models are the hours to improve the forms of new ones.

Maximilian Busser & Friends the same promoted entirely new ideas and the gadget Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt – a vivid example.

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