HD3 Slyde – an unusual purchase. Previously, watch manufacturers tried to make them stronger

HD3 Slyde


Previously, watch manufacturers tried to make them stronger and more accurate. Now the priorities have changed and manufacturers try to make more functional clock and strange. At least as regards industry, gadgets, the markets appear increasingly strange and weird device called a clock.

Of course, they can figure out with time, but this is their main feature – they are not like other watches. These belong to and watch HD3 Slyde.

I wonder what their manufacturers are not Japanese, as is the case with the gadgets and the Swiss – World leaders watch and clock mechanisms. Hours HD3 Slyde, – this is multifunctional wrist watch with an LCD display that responds to touch and then there is a touch screen. Clock interface similar to the interface of modern electronic devices. There are buttons, sliders – all for hours not only to determine the time, but also for many other needs. Hours able to even connect to the Internet, where available for download themes for these hours.

While, however, these themes are not free, – from 50 to 100 dollars, which for some buyers is very expensive. But if the company has established such price, then know that there are buyers. The gadget is not only versatile, but also strong; he’s made of titanium, which allows you to not worry about it breaking.

As the clock daaaleko not cheap, the customers are allowed to change the titanium gold at will, or other metals. Of course, at the price it will be much more expensive. Buttons do not do – to control the touchscreen is used exclusively.On the body there are 3 indicators that report the battery and sensor lighting.

Promises that the gadget is not only very strong, but also water-resistant.

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