“Green” watches. If you’re a person, not indifferent to the environmental challenges



If you’re a person, not indifferent to the environmental challenges facing our planet, then the clock – for you. eSO2 – the so-called gadget, invented and constructed by scientists at Columbia University, James Kershaw and Chad Gurney. This is absolutely new in the world of watches and their main characteristic is that they are able to recycle carbon dioxide and thus purify the environment.

The day is a “green” a miracle of technology is capable to process about one ton of carbon dioxide. But this ecological these hours do not end there. The fact that eSO2 not require batteries and they work on kinetic energy, which makes them owner, making the motion at hand.

These hours will be particularly useful for jogging, when the amount of exhaled carbon dioxide increases, and the movement is particularly active. While you run, the unit charged with energy. Greens are not unique to this invention, assuming that they help eliminate the symptoms, not causes, for the production of fossil energy use hours, such as oil, gas and coal.

Environmentalists also believe that the idea of such gadgets is not perfect and slows the transition to energy sources – sources of inexhaustible energy, such as tidal energy, wind power and solar power.

However, let’s leave this issue and again turn our attention directly on eSO2. Another advantage is modern and stylish design. They have all the standard functions: calendar, stopwatch, alarm clock. Compact size gadget as it is a plus. At first glance it may even doubt his capabilities, so it is compact and elegant looks. The price of eSO2 is relatively low.

Not surprisingly; this miracle of technology has become increasingly popular in Europe.

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