Glam Rock watches in Moscow Watch Expo.Glamorous and unusual hours of Glam Rock Watches

Glam Rock watches


Glamorous and unusual hours of Glam Rock Watches will be presented at the exhibition Moscow Watch Expo in Moscow.

This young brand was organized by two great designers: Enrico Margaritelli and Isabelle Mozhayev. For the first time hours prototypes were presented at BaselWorld 2006 and in June the same year began the first delivery. In these impressive clocks flaunt stars such as “50 Sent” Stacy Ann Ferguson, better known as Fergie and the band “Black Eye Peace”, Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian, Adrian Brody and many others.

Glam Rock watches
At the exhibition will present the Glam Rock two new collections: Miami and SoBe.

Miami – a collection from which it all began. Reflecting the refined style and glamor of Miami, this watch looks and avant-garde approach to the creation and day and night images. They reflect the life of the city is constantly changing, intriguing and fascinating.

Glam Rock watches
A collection of SoBe – an innovative collection of Glam Rock. The patented technology “Just Click”, you can change the appearance of hours, depending on his mood.

The company has steadily Glam Rock niche segment “fashion-luxury”. Glam Rock watches satisfy the taste of most demanding customers watch shops, regardless of their geographical location and cultural preferences. The creators and designers of this brand are paying great attention to the selection of design details.

They all meet the latest fashion trends, so that the effect of “deja vu” is simply not the case.

Brand Glam Rock – is the embodiment of chic and vibrant lifestyle!
We invite you to become acquainted with the clock Glam Rock in the exhibition Moscow Watch Expo, which will be held from 27 to 29 October in the IEC “Crocus Expo”, pavilion. № 3, 3rd floor, room number 17.

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