Blancpain Watches with carousel. Watchmaker Blancpain revives in his new creation

Blancpain Watches


Watchmaker Blancpain revives in his new creation, the popularity of the unique complexity of time called “Carousel.” They are equipped with a watch Le Brassus Carrousel Volant 1 Minute. “Carousel” is very similar complication, but it’s not a tourbillon. It was invented a century after the appearance of Tourbillon.

Hour complication called “carousel” has created a Danish artist Bane Bonniksen, having aimed to make alternative tourbillon, not copying its architecture. However, the establishment of such a time complexity requires much more effort, details and costs, so for a long time it was deprived of popularity.

But as usual helped misfortune of our time tourbillons have become so popular that there are even a cheap Chinese watches, so a “carousel” were the last hope for watchmakers to separate themselves from the budget segment.

Watchmaker Blancpain one of the first decided to revive this great complication. Moreover, after the history of the bankruptcy BnB (the so-called ETA of Tourbillon), which took up the creation of massive Tourbillon.

Blancpain improved “roundabout”. If she had done before a complete revolution in 30 minutes, now takes only 1 minute. The new “Carousel” is set in 225th automatic caliber watches Le Brassus Carrousel Volant 1 Minute. This complication is the first “roundabout” with such speed.

Hours Le Brassus Carrousel Volant has a Minute 43-mm platinum case.Silver dial partially openworked and decorated by hand. “Carousel” is a mark of “12 hours”. On the contrary (“6:00”), power reserve indicator. And in the “9:00” is a very original double date indicator, which is due to the shorter second half of the arrow shows the numbers on the same semicircle, hinting at a generally reactionary.

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