Azimuth Watches in Moscow Watch Expo. Swiss futuristic design time in Moscow.

Azimuth Watches


Swiss futuristic design time in Moscow. The exhibition Moscow Watch Expo will be presented to a young Swiss brand Azimuth.

Azimuth Watches
Azimuth Wrist watches are five major product lines: SP-1 mecanique, Xtreme-1, Mecha-1 BMF, Round-1 and Militare-1. The exhibition will see one of the well-known brand models – SP1 Roulette, issued to gamblers.

The volume dial clock simulates a roulette wheel on the Gaza Zero instead of the number zero is placed logo. The crown, resulting in motion the clock and correcting the time, made as a die. In addition to its primary function, the crown also runs the ball on the arrow, which after a few quick stops at the speed of any cell.

Azimuth Watches
For fans of speed Azimuth released watch collection Mecha-1 BMF. The exhibition in the capital can be seen hours Gauge Mecha-1 BMF and Chrono Gauge Mecha-1 BMF, whose case made in accordance with the racing theme and have the shape of a car dashboard.

To see these and other times it will be possible to Azimuth Moscow Watch Expo c 27 to 29 October in the IEC “Crocus Expo” Pavilion № 3, room number 17, 3rd floor.

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