Amazing clock from France. Typically, manufacturers of original watches

Amazing clock


Typically, manufacturers of original watches are Swiss or Japanese, but other nationalities are also often trying their hand in this area. And we can say that some progress here reached the French, because they were released hours Art du Temps deserve special attention and praise.

However, for someone who does not know what this clock, the device looks quite unusual. To be honest, hardly anyone looked at the device, do not guess that this watch. Hours Art du Temps – a huge panel of the set of squares that can be nominated and go back to the panel.

The width of the panel – 14 squares and height – 8, the total area – 112. Dial no; these functions use the same pull-out squares that are on the panel. In essence, these are not squares, cubes, as are removed from the body. Seconds are counted by means of these blocks, which are randomly pop out and come back to the panel.

Ask, how do you know what time is it? All very easy – no buttons, levers, for this is lacking, the team votes cast. To show the current time clock, I must say the word time, although in French it sounds a little different – Temps and it should be pronounced. As they say, the French again made something interesting, exciting and worthy of attention. Who knows, maybe soon the idea will appeal to many developers and they will come up as it can be further developed. Price hours is quite large, will be able to buy them only the most wealthy.

Want to know how much it will cost you is a French creation? Just something to $ 90,000.

So watch or suit for the very rich, or to the original offices of companies that want to create a good environment for employees and customers.

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