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All brand MagellanAll brand Magellan


Everhard Vissers, founder of the watchmaking company Magellan and a passionate admirer of the mechanical clock, for several years worked on the project for which it podvignul compass ship. As a result of his research and the search for the watch brand launched a line of Magellan Magellan 1521.

Hours Magellan 1521 is an amazing structure – hemispherical dial, hands and sapphire crystal. The appearance of these hours calls to repeat the round trip Portuguese navigator Magellan, after whom was named the company.

In 2010, Magellan was overbought Mario G. Nardzhi. He is an experienced leader, decided not only to resume production of Magellan in 1521 and expanded line of new model Magellan Earth. In hours, reflecting the historical map of the Earth, the arrows indicate the most realistic circular motion around its own axis. The shape of the circle contours hemisphere.

Traditional three arrows complemented another brand of patented needle, fixing the position of the sun above the Earth: the tracking data of longitude, which are indexed to the bezel, the user can determine which part of the world at this point at noon. Three-dimensional face is unique in its kind. The course provides a specially designed clock module based on ETA 2893 Automatic.

All brand MagellanAll brand Magellan
The four arrows moving through an ingenious system of nested tubes in it that are “responsible” for their work. The height of the dial requires a sapphire crystal as a convex shape. This form of glass provides visibility of the dial. Under the sapphire crystal is also located in crown, which is put down. Tips on the case remain outside the field of view.

In the new historical map of the world is replaced by a photograph of the Earth. New watches Magellan 1521 and Magellan Earth have a shell diameter 43.5 mm and 19 mm thick. Water-resistant watch up to 30 meters. Hull models are made in several versions: stainless steel rose gold and yellow gold.

Ambient Planet Wednesday displayed a 32-mm platinum brass – a pattern is created with colored lacquer on the surface, which was sandblasted. Longitude on the face of Magellan 1521 model pearl white paint marked, but on the face of Magellan Earth – painted in the color black Tahitian. On the back cover are engraved planisphere hours.

Strap Stainless steel models are made of ostrich leather in dark blue and for models with gold shells – from crocodile skin brown.

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