Alarm – a target for a shot



The gray Monday morning in the big city … 6 am … alarm goes off, you hear some nasty nasty tone or sound and certainly at this point want to break your bad culprit awakening on the wall … If these memories bring you into horror, and you do not just want massacre of the clock, then a novelty in the world technique called Gun O’clock just for you.

The name speaks for itself. Now there’s an opportunity not to restrain his impulses in the morning waking up and shoot the alarm clock, pulling out a gun under his pillow. Gun O’clock is a box of dimensions 13.2 h13h4, 5 inches and weighing 290 grams in weight bundled gun 110 grams. At the time of awakening of the alarm appears the target in which to shoot from the heart, taking aim at “bull’s-eye” infra-red beam.

The maximum distance from the shooter to an alarm-3 meters. You can shoot, of course, not only in the morning and at any time, that is to use a gadget like a worthy replacement darts. Interestingly, an alarm clock to everything else can comment on the accuracy of hand and keeping time to the shot: 3, 2, 1 … Sure, it should razzodorit player even more. As you know, men do not mature, and even into adulthood are very fond of all sorts of toys, it is not surprising that the target audience for selling such a device manufacturer finds men aged 20-30 years.

According to the calculations Bandai, they snap up this alarm clock for about forty dollars. However, the attention to that device should pay and the girls who want to please his beloved man fun and unusual gift.

Gun O’clock brighten up gray days and add them to the joy and brightness.

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