Wooden clocks – now it’s in fashion. There were times when it was impossible to imagine a clock

Wooden clocks


There were times when it was impossible to imagine a clock with no time stamp. Digital, analog clock face, over the years helped to quickly and easily find out the current time, hours minutes and seconds, written in Arabic or Roman numerals. But now more and more popular unusual hours, which you will not find the usual numbers, if at all elevations.

At first it seems that their use is inconvenient, but in fact they can be used. Of course, the exact time you are on them do not know, but deserve recognition from guests for such an interesting and original thing in your home. But if we took a step toward simplicity, why not make it even easier? Perhaps this is because the developers thought the wooden hours before they had a relevant idea and before you realize it. Therefore, their hours are pleased with all of those who extend to all natural, naturally, to the materials created by nature.

These watches are made of wood that is for them to use a round slice of wood. Of course, it can not be called a round. Have you ever seen a perfectly round in diameter stump or deck? But the developers decided that it was not a problem, so watch and will look even more realistic.

The more so that they can clearly see the rings that add interesting style of the whole structure and this reinforces the idea that the best architect – its nature and everything in the world that she created, is a true masterpiece. Wooden clock will look good in a house where many other items made of wood – such as furniture, where there is a pool table and fireplace where burning.

Of course, for the fans of Green Peace and Ecology fans, these hours do not fit, but for anyone who appreciates the energy of the tree and for whom does not matter the exact time, these hours will be a good gift.

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