Watches – washing machine. Quite often it happens that you include a kettle



Quite often it happens that you include a kettle, an oven, put the next meal on the pan and that the long wait, going to the computer, play a little or do something else. But usually the electronic world is so addictive that you can forget about the kettle, frying pan or oven and return only when you hear the smell of burnt.

Naturally, these cases would be desirable to avoid, and engineers have figured out how to do it. If this is repeated for a long time, then you need … watches – a washing machine. Of course, they do not wash, especially since their size is quite tiny. But, made the clock in shape of this washing machine, with the same drum and a few buttons to control. Watches are specially designed for those who are waiting for something usually sit at the computer, so connecting via USB.

Therefore, we hope that you have a free port USB. Watch perform, as you probably guessed, the timer function, that is, tell you that the time would you go to the kitchen or elsewhere. Must specify the time after which starts the clock give you a signal. Clock – set up a washing machine a few buttons, you can use to set the time when you need to go back to reality.

But when it’s gone this time, then you will know all the hours: a washing machine for laundry, they will not be useful, but the noise from them as from a large washing machine. The clock starts to jump, squeal and give all possible signals, so you get noticed and quickly return to where you already need to be. So, if you often forget important meetings, breakfast, lunch and dinner, on television and other things that are scheduled for some time, so it’s time to start the washing machine, which connects via USB.

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