Watch and a flash drive .Modern designers are increasingly turning to the manufacture



Modern designers are increasingly turning to the manufacture of multifunctional devices, which essentially combine several devices. And recently even combine such devices, once considered incompatible. The developers of the company Cyber key, specializing in the production, including special hours, decided to combine watch and flash-drive, however strange it may seem.

Although it seems strange at first glance – if you really think we can agree that the clock is just as suitable stick, because there are always at hand, have compact dimensions – so the problem with finding the stick in their pockets, or will stick with forgetting resolved.

Called the new USB Flash Watch, her body practically does not differ from conventional analog wrist watches, but they have inside there is a port USB. Connecting to a computer is not difficult, although it will likely have to remove the clock with hands. Capacity flash drives – 1GB, which is enough for recording documents, music and even video files.

However, even if you need more than 1GB of capacity, you will not be named – because it’s not a flash drive and watch. Especially these watches will be perfect for those who often have to transfer data between PCs, such as system administrators, photographers, students, teachers and others.

Despite the fact that the main purpose of the device – watches, flash drive as it is also effective. For example, has a pretty good write speed, easy to use, compatible with most modern devices that transmit data via USB. But those who value not only efficiency, and design and will also be happy – the company offers three different design options, so you can choose which one you like more.

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