Ulysse Nardin watch company acquired Donze Cadrans SA. The famous watch company Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin watch company


The famous watch company Ulysse Nardin acquired 100% of the spouses in Verma Donze Cadrans SA. This means that the watch company will now own production enamel for decorating their dials.

Ulysse Nardin watch company
Patrick Hoffmann – new CEO of Ulysse Nardin – gave the new acquisition of his company’s time the following comment:
“Owning Donze Cadrans SA is part of our strategy, which builds on the vertical continuity of the watch. This strategy reflects the great traditions inherited Ulysse Nardin. The great clock has completely made only one manufacturer in order to really ensure the highest quality.”

Acquired Donze Cadrans engaged in the application of enamels on clock faces with the help of such famous applications, such as grand-feu and cloisonne. Hourly same company Ulysse Nardin decorates the dials of many of its models enamel for 25 years. To decorate with enamel clock dial is often required a total of more than two days of work. Before pouring the enamel on the clock dial to make a drawing with fine gold thread – it will prevent overflow of the enamel in other color segments.

Depending on the complexity of the picture on the watch dial a golden thread may take up to 50 cm

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