The new record from the company Rado. Famous for his experiments with high-tech ceramics company

company Rado


Famous for his experiments with high-tech ceramics company has released a new ultra-Rado Watches True Thinline, who received the “status” of the finest hours of hi-tech ceramics.

company Rado
The new masterpiece has set new standards in chasodelii. Weight watch is only 38 grams with a thickness of 4.9 mm shell. In turn, the thickness of the mechanism of only 1 mm.

The model comes in two colors – black and white. Design characteristic for hours Rado – strict and classical, elegant without frills.

company Rado
In Lengai, in 1917 the company was created “Schlup & Co.”.

The company’s goal was to produce watch movements, which were exported to the United States. In 1957, under the brand name Rado was released the first collection. In 1962, a collection of Rado DiaStar Original made revolution in the world clock. It first appeared resistant to scratches. In 1983, the SMH Group Holding has acquired the company, and in 1998 the SMH Group changed its name to Swatch Group.

In 2009, the prize “Red Got Award” in the field of design was presented to the collection of Rado True. The company has never imitated other watch companies and has always differed from them. When all the companies used for the production of gold, brass or steel, Rado has started using a new technology: high-tech ceramics, lanthanum, hard alloys, sapphire crystal and diamonds.

In 1995, the first watches were issued from the high-tech diamond. In connection with this company Rado was awarded the prize for innovation.

Rado is one of the best companies in the world of watches. Rado provides high quality and different from other firms by its uniqueness.

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