The Latest Watches. A variety of gadgets that combine different devices

The Latest Watches


A variety of gadgets that combine different devices today one is not particularly surprising. Many manufacturers try to create as much as possible the strange hours, because they know that and they find a buyer. But now we tell not the strange and just about multi-hour, which was created by Power Disk – you may know her for other interesting gadgets.

In fact, this watch combines the device and to determine the time and to play various music files. As for hours, then everything is as usual – around the dial all the numbers marked, look at the current time will be no problem. The developers decided to create several different versions of hours, for different target audiences, these hours are different sizes of internal memory, which is from 128 kilobytes to 1 gigabyte. Of course, the more memory more price. Built-in memory is completely designed for music storage. Ask why this watches more and Bluetooth?

In order to be able to connect the headphones working on this protocol and how you can more conveniently listen to music Power Disk. Power – Rechargeable Li-polymer battery, while the developers do not publish information about how long enough charged battery.

These watches are perfect for those who want to save, or for who it is more convenient to wear the player inside the watch than, say, in a pocket or belt, pants, as it usually does. Who knows, maybe in the near future, this watch will be even more perfect and will include more devices. But now we can be content with what is, after purchasing the watch from Power Disk. Hopefully, this will be a good gift for those who love music and listen to keep track of time and interest in modern gadgets.

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