The clock in the form of crackers. Developer’s gadgets every year come up with more innovative solutions

The clock


Developer’s gadgets every year come up with more innovative solutions, and implement them. Which just watch not come up with the Japanese engineers and other nationalities, with a desire to interest geeks and all other users who prefer the original product?

Now they have come up with a gadget-watch for anyone who wants to be a director, or even dreaming about it, but have not yet realized their dreams. You might think the main attribute of the director of its mouthpiece, but really as a symbol of motion pictures taken using this cracker – a rectangular device that reads the name of the film and the frame. So, if you do not have such firecrackers, but you would like to get it, then you have a unique opportunity to get together with her still and watch. In fact, it is the clock.

We’re talking about the gadget, made in the form of kinohlopushki where instead of the movie title and technical information, you can see the hours and minutes. These watches are really in design do not differ from the usual kinohlopushki, but they have LEDs that show you the time a red tint. Due to the large size, the clock in the form of crackers show not only hours and minutes but also seconds, years, months and days. So an hour would be very interesting to business people who often need to see not only time but also the date.

Moreover, if the area in which you are working – it’s full-length or short films. Price hours rather large – more than 3.2 thousand rubles. It’s a bit strange decision, since many, even more sophisticated gadgets are costing consumers more cheaply. But if you have the opportunity to buy such a watch as a gift – do not miss this chance, especially if you give them to someone who will soon earn his future films, millions and billions.

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