T-shirt watch company TAG Heuer from Konstantin Gaidai. Russian designer Konstantin Gaidai to the 150th anniversary

T-shirt watch company


Russian designer Konstantin Gaidai to the 150th anniversary of the watch company TAG Heuer has prepared a special gift. For the hour mark, he developed an unusual design collectible t-shirts.

According to the famous T-shirt Gaidai time there was that the brand thanks to the inspiration drawn from the gear racers of Formula 1 and bricks Red Square. Actually the latter is easy to read in a “brick” razlinovke creation, but the motives of the Formula 1 in a T-shirt still have time to search.

But the theme of hours declared explicitly and unambiguously: the breast is placed a huge print with the image clock face Carrera 1887.

So what can we say that T-shirt of the additional functions has chronograph and date indicator.

Of course hours are just a print on the fabric … but the witches know that even non-working hours twice a day is accurate. T-shirt produced strictly limited edition and will go on general sale.

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