Storm Club associates.Watches and accessories brand STORM is comparable

Storm Club associates


Watches and accessories brand STORM is comparable with the author’s clothes nemassovogo, but very, very fashion designer: its success rests not on a heated advertising demand of the masses and in a sustained popularity among certain groups.

Socialite and fashion leading Tina Kandelaki in an interview, said he does not understand people who buy clothes at the market or in large “people’s” shopping centers. She prefers wonderful designer showrooms and shops the sales podium, where you can without the hassle and hustle to get completely original quality stuff even cheaper than in the same market.

All right, so only the existence of such show-rooms, their range and schedule of sales know very few, though none of them secret does not. Specific design of the goods and the limited funds that the owners of the boutique can be spent on promotion, will automatically turn it into a “place for their”. On a brand or shop usually learn not from advertising, and an acquaintance.

But if the clothing market more inclusive and can accommodate quite different approaches to trade, the market is more conservative time and until recently, experiments have not got accustomed to it. Except, perhaps, boutiques STORM, working in Moscow for nearly seven years.

At a time when an increasing number of shops specializing in designer and fashion brands, experience STORM, who managed to find its solid niche in the market and create a stable contingent of buyers, it becomes all the more worthwhile.

The main secret of success of such enterprises is of personal interest and enthusiasm of its owner. People, who own small designer boutiques, usually do very trendy and love good clothes.

This ratio is transmitted to their customers and good taste and ability to navigate the fashion trends can constantly attract new customers. In the case of STORM can be seen the same thing: almost all people working in the company of young, energetic and enthusiastic about themselves in the avant-garde style of the brand.

Storm Club associates
London to Moscow

By itself, brand STORM – a unique phenomenon. This is the only clock that embody the true London style, a bit tough, a little provocative, brilliant, ironic and intelligent. We can say that they collected all what is associated Albion.

STORM is the collection of almost all ages. For pupils and students – hours of original urban design at affordable prices, stylish British fashion for fashionistas, the classic model for adults and limited series for fans of the most respected brands. But the emphasis is still on the model for the youth, the one who loves to clubs and pubs in the British style, is fluent in English and wants to go to London for the holidays.

Britanomaniya never lost its relevance in the Russian society, as in the English style is very clear identity, focused on avant-garde fashion. Translated into the language of youth that is: “Do you want to be the most advanced? Buy all British.”

No counter

Unique brand requires a special approach to sales. This approach had to grope for the Russian distributor of their own: nothing of the kind in the country did not exist and rely on the recommendations of the British turned out not always the case.

Today’s success rests STORM on five key points.

The first -the right choice, training and staff incentives. In boutiques STORM are young people who themselves prefer the British style and every customer they can tell you is so exciting about the brand, even if he did not make a purchase, then certainly recommend the store to their friends. Knowledge of and attitude towards the brand affect the seller and the store image and level of sales.

So every three months, sellers are a special test for knowledge of concepts and new products and brand STORM, and all major brands, so we can provide comprehensive information to the buyer. Correct answers received honorable mentions. According to CEO Natalya Sokolova, for all the time there was only one case where the seller has not passed the test.

But the sellers themselves may affect the company’s strategy.

They constantly communicate with customers and represent the best that it can be done better and more interesting, what models are more interested customers. Therefore, the company always listens carefully to their opinion.

The second point – supply outlet. All employees STORM boutiques strive to ensure that customers do not perceive them as shops, but rather as a club, where pleasure from time to time to come. To do this, each client is a boutique fills in the questionnaire and then becomes the owner of a discount card that offers 20% discount on your next purchase already and the sixth – 40%, and jewelry and watches. And on his birthday every client, regardless of the number and amount of previous purchases, receives a 30 percent discount in the gift.

Customers receive e-mail news about seasonal discounts, special programs, upcoming actions, which are held at least once a month.
Thus, STORM store turns into a trendy place, which makes a visit into your schedule, many fans of the original capital of style.

Incidentally, many of them celebrities, who come to the Storm (STORM), to really buy a watch, but not for the sake of public relations in the press. Among regular customers brand Irina Hakamada, Anton Kamolov, Alexei Chadov, Ivan Okhlobystin.

A third thing that affects the sale – original design of the shop.

Not only the people who came on the recommendation, but simple trade visitors cents, where boutiques, should feel the desire to visit them. Russian distributor proposed an original solution: as the basis for design of the boutique firm has been taken … cylindrical packing hours STORM. Futuristic kiosk blue catches your eye and even the London designer brand rated creativity Russian partners.

In this case, practice has shown that the classical counter, without which it can do most of the watch shops in STORM, only, prevents contact with the buyer. So, for example, opened the boutique in the mall STORM “Kaluga” no counter there.

The fourth and probably the most important factor in success of design boutique – the range. At first Russian distributors receive the same product, which was in the London shops. But it was a mistake, because the tastes of our customers are very different.

Then in boutiques in Moscow appeared STORM test windows, which are models of new collections and an order is issued only to those models that are purchased. Because of this the past two years, in stores STORM practically no unsold balances.

Finally, in what appears specificity STORM, – location of the goods on display. As the clock STORM must carefully consider and study all kinds of “chips”, and the models are quite unlike each other in the window should not be posted more than 5-8 hours, not to dissipate the attention of buyers. If you follow this rule, the person almost always finds exactly the model that it “caught.”

Sell designer watches in the original boutique is more complicated than the classic model of watch shop. However, the owners of boutiques STORM with owners of other fashion show-rooms combine one thing: they do what they really interested in offering new ways and solutions, which mean that today, form the face of Russian market of tomorrow.

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