“Porsche”, Who Do Not Need Gasoline. Three generations of the family of Ferdinand Porsche



Gene … Designers
Three generations of the family of Ferdinand Porsche added a proper name in the history of the automotive industry and beyond. My grandfather, Ferdinand I, at the dawn of the XX century and created the world’s fastest electric cars, “Mercedes”, winning in the international (and even non-automotive!) Shows.

On the eve of World War II worked on engines for motorcycles, automobiles, airplanes, ships, tanks and other military equipment.

Designed by world famous “People’s Car,” “Volkswagen Beetle” – for that alone the designer full answer for the sins of the Third Reich’s hard work over the midget “Reno-4SV” in French “sharashka” cost to erect a monument in his lifetime. His son, known as Ferry brought the family brand of sports car “Porsche” on the world level.

Grandson, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the father of the “cult-car”, “Dream Machines,” “Design miracle”, the “king of sports cars” – the legendary “Porsche 911”. But in the car within a talented designer and the designer came to be. Only a few years after the birth of a triumphal 911, without having to eat all the fruits of success, he suddenly … looked at his watch.

Design, of course, look. I looked and came up with the world’s first matte black chronograph. In 1978 – has presented new, hour-long life outer metal titanium. In 2000 – joined the titanium and aluminum.

Models PAT (“Porsche-aluminum-titanium”) were welcome in pretty neologism poistershemsya hour vocabulary. We note in parenthesis that the experiments with the clock really enjoyed strong, if not yet an old man, Ferdinand III. In 1972, he chose a light bread, famed head of the family firm untrodden path of a freelance artist and soon founded his own design bureau Porsche Design. A modest mark “Design by FA Porsche” adorns a variety of subjects now popular, so to speak, consumption, from pens and sunglasses to the pipes and humidors.

“When the design philosophy as successful as ours, why it should be confined to road and sport utility vehicles? Our passion for excellence, we moved into many other areas of life. The result a wide range of exclusive items: clothing, accessories, sports equipment and souvenirs, which combine real quality “Porsche”, a revolutionary design and classic elegance. “This rather extensive quote from the official website of the Porsche Design contains all the keywords that you successfully can be attributed to his watch, if watch “Porsche”.

Worth quoting here an independent opinion, which is owned by the Petersburg designer Andrei Dmitriev. Andrei there is no clock, no phone, and he travels superskromnoy VAZ “six.” However, when the word “Porsche” and he revived: – Yes, it went when I lived in Holland. I remember, about two hours away by “porshike” from Amsterdam to Brussels … A “Porsche Design” makes good, comfortable, pleasant things – today and very precise in style, consumer qualities. Especially love their leather accessories, briefcases.

Watch? I do not wear them, but the experience of taking part in rally races suggests to me that any device should not be with flashing digits on which to catch their signal, you need to focus all of consciousness entirely and with the good old arrow, for which one can observe the edge of the eye. Major scale – a tachometer, which shows the engine speed and oil pressure switch. Will you be friends with them – never “zaporesh” engine? All the dials and especially these, be sure to be informative. Hours, of course.

Hours in another
The design of the Porsche always starts from an external destination. In contrast to simple cosmetic styling, truly functional solutions to emerge and evolve from the inside out. This approach includes four key conditions: bringing the subject up to his main purpose, the creation of a harmonious, orderly design, a reasonable selection of the most suitable materials, exquisite craft union tradition and the best technology in the manufacturing process. Black – an unmistakable visual cue Porsche Design.

In the words of FA Porsche, this “Netsvetov” best expresses the perfect match of form and purpose. Well, borrowed from the tachometer red second hand, an elegant tribute to the glorious history of “Porsche 911” – this is the most ingenious and attractive piece dial chronograph PAT, sheds balm for the soul of the true lover of speed and accuracy of a connoisseur. To get matte black double coverage of titanium nitride and silicon nitride on the two push buttons and crown chronograph PAT had to resort to technology for PVD, so the details have acquired Vickers hardness in the range from 1500 to 2000 (compared to the hardness of diamond – 10 000 .)

The idea of combining aluminum and titanium, there was a specific aspect of the compatibility of these metals. Since any interaction with the steel leads to the rapid oxidation of aluminum, it was decided to replace every piece steel shell with an equivalent of titanium, absolutely corrosion-resistant metal. At the same watch was easier and more pleasant to the wrist. The body is a three-tier structure consisting of a central black matte anodized aluminum, which are connected by titanium bezel and screw-in caseback.

The watch has water resistance to 100 m. The presence of a screwed crown is a standard for hours of Porsche Design. Spring rods in the legs the body, holding the rubber strap, also made of titanium. Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal has anti-reflective coating on both sides. Company Eterna, chose as their name the Latin word for “eternity”, a lot of work on the mechanism of quartz chronograph movement, equipped with optional dial to display the current seconds and date window.

He is able to measure any time interval between 1 / 10 second and 12 hours. For technical reasons, the less massive Ladies Chronograph PAT measures the time intervals up to 30 minutes to the nearest 1 / 10 seconds, with all its other features are similar to those vested in the male version. After all, the modern woman shows to watch the same requirements as men. Every watch Porsche Design is offered for sale with their own certificate of international guarantees, and service centers in over 50 countries worldwide.

These advanced models are born from a desire by FA Porsche to see if he could “make a clock in a different way.” Functional stylized instrument panel trim and black metal influenced a generation of wristwatches. Yes, and the origins so popular nowadays direction touch design, or “tactile design,” “Touch Design”, which aims – to make any subject enjoyable to the user, are in the Stuttgart design bureau Porsche Design.

Thirty years there trying to make glasses friendly bridge, to teach the pen portfolio cling to his fingers and the clock – to perform its functions properly, delighting the eye and not burdening the wrist. … Have you ever thought about why we do not have club car owners “Moskvich”, or, say, “Hyundai”, but the fan clubs “Porsche” in Moscow as much as two to a hundred lucky owners of a cult car?

One can only rejoice that “Porsche”, hiding from the envious looks not at the garage and under the collar, to get much easier than the 300-strong “Boksterom” or “Carrera” – heirs to the legendary 911. The magic of a great name overshadows his wing at any creation of any of the three Ferdinand.

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