Overview of novelties Citizen. Watch Company “Citizen” today is the worldwide leader in selling hours.

novelties Citizen


Watch CompanyCitizen” today is the worldwide leader in selling hours.

For engineers, the company’s most important – the quality of manufactured products. Working on the features and design, they are able to create great new products.

In the latest models of technological innovation demonstrated by proposing to use a fundamentally new energy source – sunlight.

Products, powered by solar batteries, environmentally friendly and incredibly durable. Eco Drive –“Eternal” Watch Citizen. Built-in solar panel which converts light energy into electrical energy. These watches Citizen maintain their performance even in low light and if necessary go for a long time in complete darkness.

Among these new products – watches Citizen Super Chronograph (JW0071-58 E). Their solar panel located on the face and even in poorly lit rooms converts the light. A charge lasts for 240 days and it provided that they lie all the time in a dark place (box, table, cupboard).

Moreover, the power saving mode these amazing watches Citizen ensure accurate course for 7 years. The rest of the model is made in the classical traditions of the company – lightweight and durable titanium bracelet with solid “double” buckle, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, multi-level dial.

Another technical innovation – Watch Citizen Cronosphere (BU0010-82AE, BU0010-91ZE, BU0002-21PE), likely to appeal to men who prefer an elegant model. This round the clock in gilded case a leather belt. On the dial, more for beauty than for convenience, set a calendar, divided into three multi-layer disc – the date, day of week and month.

Almost all of the latest watches Citizen – Perpetual Calendar Big Date (BT0071-09A and BT0078-00E), Eco-Drive Calendrier, LADY CHRONO (FB1152-01D and FB1152-51A) – work on light energy.

Charged from sunlight, the model LADY CHRONO beautifully shows us how watches Citizen trivial. This large round women’s watch in gold-plated case on a white belt or bracelet. Sapphire glass, solar battery, chronograph. But is it important for women of fashion? No, not “stuffing” causes women to acquire these hours and their modern unobtrusive design, concise form and ease of use.

If you want to purchase a unique item at a reasonable price, you need to pay attention to the model Calibre 3100 Collection – it represents the clock Citizen, released a limited edition – about 2000 copies. Some of them are made of stainless steel, is covered with gold leaf. They again applied system EcoDrive, has built-in “perpetual calendar” and the ability to configure a second time zone. Crystal – Sapphire. On top of these watches Citizen waterproof, they can be immersed to a depth of 100 meters.

And yet, despite all the advances, most are still top-selling watches Citizen Titanium. They attract business men of their massiveness and women ease and elegance of the gilded bracelets.

Watches Citizen – a selection of successful business people who appreciate the beauty and quality and most importantly know how to appreciate the time!

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