Originality Dinamichnost Minimalism. How can I change the traditional and familiar

Originality Dinamichnost Minimalism


How can I change the traditional and familiar such to the human eye clock face? Circle, rectangle, square – the main form of the arrows or electronic display – the traditional “domestic content”. Sweda Company from Hong Kong two years ago launched the project – watch odm, which became the hallmark originality. Design case and bracelet, features, management, even the testimony of the time – in hour’s odm unusually everything, but this unusual pleasure to get used to. The brand name is an original, dynamic and Minimalism, which demonstrate how the development of mission odm original design with minimal artefact.

It is known that all that is new is usually feared. Each clock model, first master of extraordinary style people who look for new products and only then, if the hours they deserve … This “later” came to watch odm almost immediately after the exhibition in Hong Kong in 1999, where they were first introduced to the public. After a year at an exhibition in Japan a model of a series of adventurous was the winner of “Best Buy of the Year 2000”, leaving the field for 3-4 products brand Swatch, a collection odm entered the world market and has gained recognition in Europe.

Originality Dinamichnost Minimalism
Random luck? No, just a design group, more than a year working on a new image of hours, has united them, it would seem inconsistent to achieve the latter clockwise fashion-art steel or plastic, polyurethane or stainless steel bracelet and a stylish, streamlined, or on the contrary, emphasized the sharp, strong – hull shape. A recent Japanese development in multi-clock, these models have the embodiment of hours of the future.

Here’s one example: a model of a series of mysterious I. The rectangular steel case, a erupts and rubber strap – not a single button!

The whole “control panel” is located on the rear side of the body once and for all that will insure you against accidental failure indication time.

And so instead of the time clock showed the date, it is necessary to turn the hand sharply, and indications vary. This is one of the latest developments of Citizen could not find a better implementation. By the way, in some models odm same testimony changed the calendar: the rotation of the hands – the date still turns – the day of the week.

Convenient and unusual. Well, the main highlight of this watch design – the vertical location of the digits. No need to be Japanese to quickly adapt and evaluate how easy to read the clock down.

Originality Dinamichnost Minimalism
No less interesting in design and function of a series of quartz chronographs vigourous I, having two kinds of indication – switches and digital. An electronic scoreboard, which is “wedged” in the traditional dial pointer, shows minutes, seconds and hundredths of seconds.

Reliability and uninterrupted operation of the synchronous mechanism is guaranteed by their developer – by Seiko.

Star collection, watches, called adventurous, who won the title of “Best Buy of the Year 2000” show time in two time zones with small clock hands, different shape and color. For those who work with foreign partners, or simply likes to travel, it’s easy – is indispensable. Hours are also equipped with a calendar.

Particular attention is paid to the type of fasteners, which developed and patented by Sweda. Streamlined and almost invisible, it can hardly fail to undo or spontaneously, to catch clothing or create discomfort on the skin. Used for its manufacture high-quality polyurethane and steel – extremely robust and durable materials. How to watch designed for regular intensive operation, all of the above models are equipped with a buckle odm, waterproof and virtually invulnerable.

Design team has thought of Sweda all the details, so even the packaging clock makes an indelible impression. Strict, stylish quartz watches are sold in the fields of plastic, which complete the impression that you get something weird: because of the small horns are called “monsters.” A youth electronic clock embedded in the colored transparent “tube”. Imagine how such a “laboratory” looks at the stand of the store?

Stopping at the window with the clock odm, it is difficult to break away from admiring them, turn around and leave. And the prices have to purchase: Recommended by Sweda retail prices – from 35 to 129 USD and wholesale ranges between 14 and 58 cu Exclusive distributor of watches odm is unincorporated business “Samchenko.”

Today, the range odm watch contains about 160 models, which are grouped in 40 series. Among them we can find and watch young people, to which are attached interchangeable straps in different colors and the strict watch of business style and colorful sports models. They should be sure to see at least once – so varied and unique design of these works of art time.

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