Opening with sculptures of Dominique Wilcox.And if that does not make the watch a work of art

Dominique Wilcox


And if that does not make the watch a work of art, thanks to some original design of the hull and at the museum? That is done with wrist and pocket watches Dominic Wilcox in her new collection with a paradoxical title “Including London mugger.”

Wilcox just picked up a collection of old mechanical clock set in their hands instead of the usual sculpture and glass covered the whole face dome, under which every moment unfolds a spectacle. Glass dome for hours Dominic Wilcox specially manufactured in Sunderland. And every hour the sculpture was fashioned by hand personally Wilcox.

Dominique Wilcox
Above the dial, hours played some fun hands robbery: the robber in the hood with an LCD telefizorom in the hands spinning on the second hand, at a loss to the police, fixed on the minute hand.

On the other clock man sitting on a chair. But only when in the space above the clocks face the same situation minute and second hands and then it surreal manner while maintaining a sitting posture soars in space.

Unusual hours of collection, “including the London mugger ‘exhibited at London gallery Dezeen Space until October 16.

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