Opening with a ticket.Now you can meet a variety of concepts watches with MP3 players

Opening with a ticket


Now you can meet a variety of concepts watches – with MP3 players, with displays for viewing video, GPS and this list goes on and on. But how could we assume that someone will come up with combine hours … the airline ticket? In fact, someone came up with this for a long time and may soon be realized and the concept will be applied in practice.

The name of the concept – Ticketime, ie ticket + hours. Name directly reflects the essence of the device – it combines a plane ticket and watch. How can this be, you ask? Elementary, because now, in an age of high technology, anything is possible, even combined, it would seem, are incompatible. Let us turn from theory to practice, to understand how to work Ticketime and what they do.

The design is made of electronic paper, which has long been popular in the West. This paper has a thickness, as usual, but it can serve as a screen is no worse than the MP3-player display. To this e-paper and displays the necessary data, such as name, data-passenger, date and time of departure and arrival at destination. These watches are issued a ticket, before takeoff, they immediately see all the data you want.

During the flight, you keep them on your wrist, but on arrival Ticketime perform regular appointment card. So you can not lose the ticket and for a long time to find it. While this idea is relevant and interesting only for companies-carriers, but perhaps it will soon be interested in bus, rail, and others. It may be possible to create universal tickets, a watch that will serve as a ticket to any form of transport, and at the same time ordinary hours. Now we will wait until this concept will be implemented by academics and developers – this idea of a great future.

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