New hours of Draco Armin Strom. Collection hours Agonium Daniel Strom has replenished

New hours


Collection hours Agonium Daniel Strom has replenished with new original model with a “talking” the name Draco. New watches are made in the Gothic style, while the sides are decorated body three-dimensional figures of dragons. Dragon’s head adorns the clasp even watch strap made of alligator skin.

New hours
Watches are available in different versions of the case: gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Watch face is made in a dark blue scheme, or ivory. Steel Gothic clock covered with white or red gold.

Hours include an automatic mechanism in 2824.

To date, watch Draco released in limited batches of 44 and 88 copies with different color solutions face. Buy such a watch would be for an amount of 8 to 27 thousand francs.

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