MSC Carbon Thousand – the official chronograph. In autumn 2011, German watchmaker YORK

MSC Carbon Thousand


In autumn 2011, German watchmaker YORK carries out support of the AIDS of the expedition,” Joachim Franz and his team launch two new models of dive watches “Nauticfish one thousand”. The first model will be released in a limited number of 55 copies. Each model will have a serial number from 1 to 55.

MSC Carbon Thousand
The number “55” represents the number of states through which the expedition will take place. Release of the second model is not limited. 300 euros from each sold model will be transferred directly to the fund of the association “Be your own hero.” The amount will be used to support numerous projects in the fight against AIDS.

Joachim Franz gave the start of the expedition, which will increase awareness about the plague of XXI century – AIDS. The expedition began in mid-April 2011 and continues to this day. A column of five cars headed by the chief campaigner against AIDS Joachim Franz in 100 days traveled to five continents under the theme “Make the world go and urged people to continue to combat one of the greatest threats to contemporary humanity.

Statistics of the disease is terrifying picture: more than 33 million people are carriers of HI-virus, and 1.8 million people died from AIDS during 2009.

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