Mirror clock. Today, the choice hours – quite a complicated matter.

Mirror clock


Today, the choice hours – quite a complicated matter. Among the huge variety of different designs to choose those that are not only perfectly fit into the interior, but also reflect your tastes and preferences. This choice is complicated by the constant emergence of new gadgets that are functional and exclusive.

Designers have hours to pay special attention to the implementation of the clock mechanism of advanced technology and innovation. One such example is the new clock, “Reflektius” from the studio Art Lebedev.

The action is based on the mapping of hours of time with a laser beam.

And the hours and minutes will depend only on a single beam rather than a few. This reflection is made possible by the use of movable mirrors 60, the angle of which varies due to the control electronics.

Every second is a change of mirrors, which makes it possible to change the line showing the exact time. Beam itself is located at the side and shifting from one mirror to another, the refracted rays are produced but we can not see and seeing only the change in figures showing the exact time. Furthermore, it is interesting to observe the change of mirrors. One gets the feeling that the clock is a living organism capable of continuously changing. To adjust the clock time is two buttons.

One is responsible for hours and the second for a minute. It should be noted that the design itself is very original hours. It resembles a huge stone or meteorite of unknown origin. Perhaps the designer wanted to show that the hours he planted the idea of space, this could be a clock of the future. In any case, so the original performance of the gadget must be to interest people who love even in simple things as the latest innovative achievements.

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