Lowell Exciting and unusual.Lowell company no need to use in their advertising

Lowell  Exciting


Lowell company no need to use in their advertising that phrase is very popular among the drafters of various posters, ads Soviet times. A rare man can stand and admire the flashy approach did not paintings, original wall and floor clocks, this Italian-produced studio. And considering the current directory Lowell, hard to believe that 30 years ago the company started to work with the same, with what most other companies to produce “intererki” – with the production of conventional plastics hours.

Starting with unpretentious models, the founder and owner Lowell Lilianna Caselli quickly realized that to succeed in the crowded world of goods can only offer the customer something special and unique. Thus was born the formula Lowell: exciting and unusual.

With the implementation of the formula the company has no problems. Every Italian designer at heart and looks mostly furniture, clothing, appliances created in Italy.

Strategy led to success. To date, watches with brand Lowell successfully sold not only at home, in Italy, but also in many other countries. Bright and original watches have taken root in France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Iceland, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. A year ago, they appeared on the Russian market.

Lowell  Exciting
Interestingly, working in many countries, the company is shipping to distributors not just a model of its catalog, and adjusts the range to the needs of each market. For example, especially for Russia was made a special modification of the clock with world time. If the basic version of their central, the largest clock face displays the time in Rome and four small – in New York, Los Angeles, Moscow and Tokyo, for Russia issued a special version where the main dial shows the time in Moscow.

Van Gogh in hours

With all the richness of the range is from Lowell firm models, which constitute the face of the brand. This is – watch-picture. They appeared in the collection five years ago and immediately became bestsellers. Today, from 65 000 clocks, produced annually Lowell, a third falls on them. Of course, the idea to combine painting and the clock is not new.

But it is not only “what to do,” but also “how to do.” Innate taste Italian masters Lowell helped to realize this concept better than anyone else was different. The range of the company several of tens hours, different pictures.

Among them are reproductions of classics and contemporary Dutch and Italian artists, magnificent landscapes, still lifes and floral compositions, portraits reproductions of old maps and much more.

All products from Lowell distinguish the high quality of the picture. Wooden frames are made of cherry wood, beech, as well as the size that matches the size of the real paintings complement the feeling that this picture is in front of you.

For example, one of the most striking is the model developed on the basis of reproduction canvas Sunflowers (in the Russian version – “Twelve sunflowers in a vase”), the world-famous Dutch Post-Impressionist Vincent van Gogh. It is known that during the life of Van Gogh has sold only one painting, but real fame came to the artist after death. Releasing the clock with a reproduction fabric, Lowell gave the company a great artist’s masterpiece is another birth.

Lowell  Exciting
Gift and decoration

Buyer’s clock pictures from Lowell – a wonderful gift and interior decoration. Bright and attractive, creating a feeling of this painting, they will become a highlight of any room. Wide range to fit in exactly appropriate for a given interior. Thus, to study various kinds of perfect antique maps, and models with still lifes and landscapes will look nice in the living room.

The richness of colors and sizes (from 29h29 cm to 70×90 cm) guarantee that we can always find a model that will fit into a particular room. Lowell hours can be a great gift, original and memorable. It is these features ensure a high demand for the company by customers. The most expensive watches are worth little more than six thousand. This means that the number of customers may be sufficiently broad as to age and social status.

To store brand Lowell as a decoration in a sense, a gift. Bright and unusual model is a magnet for shoppers and stimulate them to go to the department hour. So, not only to connoisseurs of Van Gogh, but also ordinary people simply can not pay attention to the bright yellow rectangle of the same sunflowers.

Moreover, in terms of customers, products Lowell – not hours, but rather a piece of furniture. Thus, the store gets an influx of new customers – those who are very interested for hours, but wanted something to decorate your home or office. In sum, a democratic prices that guarantee good sales.

Despite the fact that the mark is represented in Russia a year, the clock-painting has taken a worthy place in the market. Most of the shops, trying to work with this brand, we felt the real impact of small, in fact investments.

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