Kisai Console.For those interested in gadgets, especially those who represent a clock

Kisai Console


For those interested in gadgets, especially those who represent a clock probably familiar with the name of company Tokyoflash. And here we are dealing with yet another gadget from this company. It can be purchased by ordering online or buying in specialty shops, because he has already moved their concept stage to finished product. Called the clock so – Kisai Console. Like most of the hours from this manufacturer, they differ in design features that do not like the ordinary wristwatch.

By construction, the clock gadget also differ – agree that not all the watches, even very modern, there is a USB-port. And Kisai Console it is – a hole for the USB connection is hidden behind the side cover. It can unscrew a special screwdriver that comes with a complete set when you buy watches. Of course, the USB clock can be connected to a PC, and so recharge the clock, avoiding the problem of Chinese batteries.

Although, wait would be long – as much as 3.5 hours of charging hours Kisai Console or even longer. However, on the other hand can be used for a long time – more than a month. The battery is designed more than 300 sessions recharging. Although, the price of the clock is also unusually large – $ 200. Of course, such a watch can afford to buy only the wealthy lovers of gadgets, though you can buy them as a gift for someone. Watch face is very unusual, it includes several segments, each of whom is responsible for certain units of time – hours, 5 minutes-ki, and minutes.

The upper unit highlights the number of hours – from 1 to 12. The lower block shows the 5-minute ki, 0 to 55. Left Bloc – the exact number of minutes at the moment. Of course, for many first times will determine the complicated but the same situation with most modern gadgets.

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