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What do you imagine when you hear the phrase “stick-clock”? Probably stick with internal clock? In fact, everything is much more interesting than you think?

Traditionally used to display the time clock face – round, square, prismatic, but they are all dials. But the developers have decided that for the time display may be what you want the surface and now you know how they managed to achieve this. Gadget in question looks really like a charm. In fact, he is a thumb drive, but unlike the usual, do not carry any practical use of trinkets, he knows how to tell time and does it very original. How?

The thing that is not only a key chain that has built-in clock, but also a projector. To see the current time, we just need to click on it, like a flashlight on. Keychain-watch is not only an interesting gadget, but also stylish. If someone does not know what the function of the remote control, it would seem that this flash drive, a flashlight, but that is a clock, did not someone think. Housing key fob is not very large; the size really is not like the stick. Inside, of course, is an electronic clock mechanism and a device for projecting.

There is a small hole through which the projection will be “popping” of transmitter and display hours and minutes. Of course, the show time will only stick in the dark, but we think that it will not cause you discomfort, especially if you frequently visit the night of the event.

The current time is displayed when you click, so a lot of energy does not spend hours. This gadget will help you to be stylish, modern and original. Dimensions hours: 5.5 inches length, 1.6 centimeters wide and 1.4 centimeters thick. Price charm, of course, not cheap, but do not think 339 rubles – this is too much for such an original gadget.

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