Hours working on the water. It seems only recently invented the battery and the people understood

Hours working


It seems only recently invented the battery and the people understood the beauty of portable clocks that do not require a permanent plant or network connection. But today again the era when the search for alternative supply of interest to all manufacturers.

We have already learned how to use solar energy, but the charge of this energy is usually not long enough, so the designer had to continue his search. And it seems that this is the future, if you come and then not so fast. Today, Japanese designers have found an excellent alternative to the battery. This gadget is powered by water. Yes, it is from the water. You just need to pour water into the tank and hours of uninterrupted operation for a few months you provided.

True, the water must be added a few drops of lemon juice, but it’s not such a rarity today. The most important thing is that for 6 – 8 weeks, you will not need to add any liquid. After all, the main problem lies in the need for constant monitoring of fluids, and these hours, you get rid of the need to recharge their Postojna hours. Design hours also deserve special attention. So simple and elegant design will look great in any location.

Not prikovyvaya attention, watch possess sophistication and elegance.

Of particular interest is their transparent case, where you can see the water that makes the watch is not a simple mechanism and a unique achievement in modern technology. Because of these hours you realize that the boundaries of fantasy modern design have no limits.

And probably, soon all your gadgets will use water instead of the usual batteries or electricity. In addition, the price of this gadget is not very big, and if we take into account savings when using them, you begin to ponder the fate of the remaining hours.

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