Hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds … .The modern world is moving very quickly

Hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds


The modern world is moving very quickly and the man in him should carefully plan their time so as not to miss a single moment, or even a second. Each piece of time is very important as it is important to keep up on time, not being late for a minute.

Keep track of time each is accustomed, and some even expect a working day up to seconds. For many it may seem strange, until they become familiar with a clock that is ticking up to 0.000001 of a second.

Yes, in fact, measure off hour’s time to a millionth of a second. It’s not even a millisecond, at which few people pay attention. Clock accuracy surpasses – in fact some people even measures the time a 10-minute intervals, not to mention the minutes and seconds. Of course, many people, this idea may seem strange, but that’s the essence of modern gadgets that need to be original and interesting. Many already enjoy such a clock at home, at work and elsewhere.

Design clock does not contain anything particularly outstanding – this is the usual longitudinal block with LEDs, which are designed to display the numbers. In total there are 12 LEDs, 2 of which are responsible for hours, 2 minutes for 2 seconds behind and the rest – for a split second. Of course, some figures who are responsible for mikrodoli seconds, generally imperceptible, since moving very fast, but still they are moving. Probably, the majority can not imagine why these hours do we need, and what they need. Practical benefits for ordinary people really do not have much, but if the owner of this clock is good to modern technology, then it would be a good gift clock or acquisition.

If you value accuracy in all, you’ll also enjoy these ultra-precise clocks. If you are a scientist, you can even get a practical benefit.

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