Hours and lightning. At all times, lightning has attracted people, even primitive.



At all times, lightning has attracted people, even primitive. She was always associated in people with something special; she gave homage to describe it in prose and verse. Admit it, you all have a special relationship to lightning and lightning all looks particularly exciting.

Perhaps this and guided the creators of hours Lighting Alarm Clock. In essence, this table clock, but not quite normal: they have a built-in unit to generate lightning, lightning, although they are not as big and impressive as natural, but still for most people, this idea seems interesting. Feature of this watch – its built Tesla coil, which is known to be visible, you can create an electrical current, reminiscent of the lightning. A transformer that is used internally was developed long ago a great scientist, but is widely used so far, including the entertainment industry.

Although, of course, the original lightning you get. First, it would not be very large, several centimeters. Second, the characteristic sound thunder you also hear, although it is useful for those afraid of thunder.

To supply such a clock is not particularly need to spend money on electricity – they work on AA batteries or AC uninterruptible power supply. Now watch can be bought in two color schemes – silver and black. Perhaps if the hours are very popular, then there will be other colors, although it is quite doubtful, lead to the design and shape are suitable hours just black and silver shades.

As for such an interesting device, the price is quite small – $ 50. They are a great gift for those who love the bright and sparkling, who attracted the lightning. By the way, probably best to try to work these hours in the dark. This can be done and at delivery hours as a gift.

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