Hourly sensation Moscow Watch Expo. This fall, fans of hour will be much to discuss!

Hourly sensation


This fall, fans of hour will be much to discuss! The exhibition Moscow Watch Expo expects them more sensational premieres, including the collection, issued by Cyrus, including the famous model Klepcys, designed by Jean-Francois Mozhonom.

Cyrus, debuted in early 2011 at the Geneva show GTE with unusual design chronograph Kuros, immediately attracted the attention of the public time, and in June received the award “Best Independent Brand of the Year” at the “Night of watchmaking” in Monaco.

Hourly sensation
Its founders are cousins and Julien Laurent Lekamp many years working in the watch industry. Cyrus – their first independent project, different colorful concept that combines the highest achievements of watchmaking, jewelry and a deep knowledge of world culture.

The sensational model Klepcys released an unusual indication. Arrow calendar here is a rotating cube on each face of which is also plotted figure.

Moon in those hours not being in the form of the usual flat picture, but as a golden ball.

Placed on the back of the gold coin – a copy of coins king Cyrus the Great (whose name and encrypted in the name brand).
Watch case is also made of pure gold weighing 200 grams.

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