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Among the many successes in the field of watch– Hamilton , Hamilton RailRoad should mention the series reminds us that when, in the late nineteenth century, Hamilton earned the title of ‘Watches Precision Railway’, giving the railway staff and passengers crossing North America pocket watches precise and reliable.

The creators of today’s wrist watches Hamilton RailRoad renovated this heritage by proposing an object by contemporary elegance. Connect the past, present and future requires a commitment to rigor in order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of modern timepieces.

And always know the exact date, here is a small magnifying glass placed on the crystal at 3 o’clock.

Hamilton RailRoad The 38mm is just the classical Hamilton pocket watch, chain and symbolically deprived of a wrist wound. With the face tracking and reminding circled crosses the railroad tracks, Hamilton redesigns that sink their roots in the history of the railroad or inspired by memories of childhood model trains. The indices of metal and the date window at three o’clock are easy to read, to keep pace with the needs of hectic lifestyles.

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