Garmin is promising to release a watch with GPS.If you are interested in gadgets



If you are interested in gadgets, interesting modern achievements of science and technology and even buy them regularly, then you probably know from Garmin. She produces modern gadgets, which are different design, functionality and will surprise anyone, even the experienced user. Recently, they reported that they were going to create a watch for … golf. Yes it is, Garmin wants to produce watches that are intended only for golfers, however strange it may seem.

These watches are not only the chronometer, but the navigator and that is helping to monitor the time and space to navigate. However, given the size of a golf course, the need for navigation is quite understandable.

Prior to that, no one was creating watches for golf, so the company is a pioneer in this field. Device called the Approach S1. Inside it has already invested about 14,000 cards with a golf course, watches are able to calculate the distance to the hole, or until the center and boundaries of the green sector. Design hours are not unusual and can work to determine the distances and to determine the current time.

The company promises to make waterproof watches, which is very useful, because golf has not always in very good conditions. The question is, how to determine the hours of distance and location?

Thanks to technology, GPS, popular in our time and settled in many modern devices. Of course, GPS consumes extra energy, though his constant use you expend only charge for 8 hours or more. If you do not use GPS, the charge lasts for a week. Perhaps the richest golf players will appreciate the novelty and order.

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