Freelook Bet on the crystals.The range Freelook no such hours, which would not have been decorated

Freelook  Bet on the crystals


Jeweler’s work

The range Freelook no such hours, which would not have been decorated with crystals Swarovski. They sparkle on bracelets and cases, on bezel and dial. French watchmakers began to master the material at the end of the last century and in 2003 was awarded a large publishing Crystal Style – which leaves only the exclusive representative of this company in the world.

Freelook uses for the most part much more time-consuming, but more reliable way to fix the stones. Each crystal is like a diamond, held securely finest metal legs. Having set Swarovski crystals in the center of his conception, Freelook has achieved perfection not only in the technique of tack, but also in the design of posed models.

The originator of appetite

Swarovski crystals make the clock Freelook, in a literal sense, a brilliant embodiment of style, fashion. And it began in 1999 when Miss Magali Qom, a French designer and Mr. Vasco Gudzhian, French businessman decided to form a new time brand.

Freelook  Bet on the crystals
At that time, hourly market their home countries do not differ much in demand. Needed a lot of effort and a very bright and ingenious solution to restore consumers’ attention to the clock and “spin,” a new brand. In the course went the most advanced materials and technology: crystals Swarovski, bright Italian leather straps, rhodium finish, which gave a particularly bright shiny case and bracelet. And it worked! The French came “appetite” to watch.

Young Freelook brand provided a large pavilion at Christmas time in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris and only a few days it sold more than a thousand hours. The first model, which began with the meteoric rise of the company, Lady Diva – solid silver bracelet with four rows of stones – since then has undergone only minor changes and still is a bestseller.

Freelook continues to evolve without affecting the tempo and creative fervor, is constantly in searching for new and fantastic ideas and spectacular materials.

For example, in the summer of 2005 in a series of Aquamarina was released the first collection of ceramic hours. Nothing like this if there was not one mainstream brand. Sami watches were called Lagon (Laguna) and enjoyed great success. And this year the brand launched XXL-ceramic chronograph, which was no less popular than its predecessor Lagon.

Freelook today represented in more than 25 countries on five continents. But he was as young and dynamic and is still looking for more fashionable unique design.

Freelook  Bet on the crystals
Free look

Most hours Freelook – six of the seven existing series – designed for women.

Linea Tempo has a simple classic lines and the body strap. The latter is made of leather or stingray leather (in some models can be found and textile strap) and the body material is stainless steel.

Stardust word can be translated as “dreamy, romantic”, but the mysterious splendor of hundreds of tiny crystals rather justifies a second meaning – “Stardust.”

Contrary to popular tradition, limit the functionality of fashion by two arrows, an interesting choice presented in a series of Lady Chronograph. It is also not without its “magic crystals”, which are inlaid dial, case and bracelet. A large number of variations and colors to satisfy every whim ladies wear reshivsheysya chronograph for evening dress.

Glamour – the most diverse, collection, where you can meet and skeletons in the role of a glamorous fashion and the large square case on a wide belt and watch with cryptic text on the dial, inlaid stones, Swarovski.

Elektra design collection is fully consistent with its name. Cool clean lines, only the metal casing and bracelets, which are tangled disks and rings.

Finally, already mentioned above Aquamarina. Formed in 2003, it still remains the best-selling collection of the brand. Here you can meet and chronographs and watches with a side seconds hand on the dial. In the straps and bracelets can be found a combination of ceramic and steel, plastic, natural rubber and the skin of the slope. Bright appearance is successfully combined with high functionality.

Thus, the model 9083CHG / a withstand pressure of up to 10 atmospheres. We chronograph HA1137G / a crown protected by a special lever and the golden color of the body solemnly combined with coal-black rubber strap. Retail price of these glamorous sports cars seem quite reasonable – a little above 13 and 11 rubles respectively.

Your Excellency

Company Skytime, who brought a novelty in Russia, already has a successful experience with the French fashion. Presented its earlier mark Inesse M has already demonstrated a high level of sales and retailers expect the same from Freelook. According to the Skytime, recommended the collection of 45-50 pieces and the investment required – as part of $ 8,000 to 10 000. Mark provided free POS-materials and advertising support, in addition, the exclusive distributor ensures regular (monthly) of delivery.

There is a brand Freelook and another advantage, which are well appreciated hour stores. It’s brightness! In the light of lamps showcase a collection of crystal studded Freelook looks so enchanting, that rare visitor will not delay to view the exhibition and will not receive it from an aesthetic pleasure. If you set the clock on the external display case, they are better than any banners and garlands will serve as natural store advertising and will attract many potential buyers.

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