Examination of the caliber of 340 Logines. Many times in history of Technology Watch



Many times in history of Technology Watch, based on specific technical solutions or certain calibers, pages have been written that have left an indelible mark and the case the likes of Longines 340.

Ever since its creation in 1960, has intrigued experts, enthusiasts and collectors because of its unique oscillating weight, placed in a position eccentric to the shaft of the rack as well as serving as a platform.

The solution, far from being exclusively aesthetic, offering a dynamic gain considerable.

Also allowed to incorporate proceeds of the rotor in notch to accommodate the rack, allowing a total thickness less.

But this, although important, is not the only reason that brought and continues to lead the great intreresse around this mechanism.

340 of the Longines is the first such product from the house by the winged hourglass that uses 6 decks for the gear train, also confirmed in the following calibers 341 and 343 and then brought to 7 in 350, all movements which, while sought after, not have repeated his resounding success of 340.

The collectors and the most advanced technical, in fact, know that there is another reason that makes this such important Clock: This is the first in which Longines caliber has given up the vines to equaling the balance on the flyer.

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