Elusive wristwatch without dial from David Blank. Swift pace of the modern world does not allow for frills

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Swift pace of the modern world does not allow for frills and a slow but sure step in all areas of design is minimalism. Spacious apartments with bathrooms, furnished only necessary items, ultrathin laptops, mobile phones, which consist of a single display, electronic tablets. You can indefinitely continue this list.

But as a wristwatch, the minimalist style of design has become a habit.

Watch with dials, which do not have numbers and other markings, no surprise.

But the minimum limit does not exist. The best proof of what was said above is the new watches Elusive. In news just does not dial.

Elusive is the creator of new young designer David Blanc – an intern in a reputable company like Dassault Sytemes. He intentionally deprived the clock dial. His concept of unusual hours – its praise of minimalism in its original form. And this song is a high-tech.

In the hours are no arrows and numbers – what are the signs of the last meter in the future? But to be precise, the numbers of hours is still present. When your finger hits an invisible button, a function which perform the sensors inside the ring, right on your hand there are figures. Built into the body of laser displays time directly on the skin when it is pressed with one finger, and when using two fingers on the hand that displays the date.

Immediately after the indexing hours go into standby mode to save battery power.

When the clock is not included Elusive, it is a strange bright bracelet, which is not even remotely resemble the familiar to our eyes the clock.

In the very recent past, still hours from the laser face, as Elusive, will certainly become trendy and affordable.

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