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Ebel watchEbel watch


Russell James is one of the most famous photographers of the first decade of XXI century. After ten years of wandering and uncertain of his creative ideas today bring millions of brands with a worldwide reputation. The famous artist is not even thought of such income, which brought him his pictures now.

Career began with the photographer capturing on film the amazing nature of Western Australia, where he came from. He shot on the camera model looks beautiful and colorful personalities against the background of natural scenery. His trademark became beauty and style surrounded by extreme.

From August 6 to October 2, 2011 James Russell organized the photo exhibition “On the Beach” Gallery Young Gallery in Knokke, Belgium.

Photographs in the exhibition reveal the undeniable talent of this Australian artist, one of the recognized names in fashion and beauty.

Exhibition of works by James Russell visited the representative of the famous Swiss brand Ebel in Belgium, Etienne Gayet and handed one of the eminent photographers of the newly released models of wristwatches.

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