Disc phones – like clockwork. They say that disc out of fashion phones


They say that disc out of fashion phones; they are replaced by electronic and portable devices. And remember, even years ago, 10-20 phones drive was almost in every home. Many are now hitting the nostalgia, though few use them who want, first, uncomfortable and secondly, most of today’s networks only support digital telephones. But if nostalgia for the disk devices tortured, then there is a solution.

At least it came up with the designers of the Japanese company Maywadenki, creating an unusual watch. To begin with, that made the clock in the form of storage device. Yes, that’s right, the clock looks like a miniature disk phone on the strap. Of course, they are not for casual users, but for lovers of modern original gadgets, for which the principal is not easy to use – and the idea underlying the design.

Perhaps you are wondering, how can we know the time on this watch, as usual they do not have to dial? It’s simple – the time you said the voice, that is, hours and minutes played with the audio tracks. But how to hear the voice through the phone drive: everything is again just the same, just need to dial 117, wait and then you announce the time, that is, in essence, is an analogue of an ordinary call.

But if you type some other number, do not know the time, but you will be informed that the number not in service, of course a real connection to the network in hours not. Hours suit as a gift for those who like classic, embodied in modern technologies and to all those who rejoice all interesting gadgets. These hours allow us to understand that the disk phones are not less relevant than before and if they are smaller, it does not mean that we should immediately throw them in the trash.

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