Clock-centimeter. At first it seems the device for measuring the length of tape



At first it seems the device for measuring the length of tape, but then you realize that this is a normal watch. That is not normal, or even quite unusual, because of the design is much different from all existing ones.

They did not even look like a certain kind of modern clock – not for wrist or on the wall or on the desktop.

However, their appearance is very similar only the familiar centimeter, that is, a tape for measuring length, curled in roulette. Perhaps this kind of inspired engineers centimeters in the development of the concept.

Opening produce sensations, simplicity and intricacy. View them quite simple, a ring with 12 marks for each hour, so no particularly complex design elements in them are not seen. But the gadgets are gadgets, not original, they are not. Generally, up to this time no one even think out that the clock may be just so. As already mentioned, the clock like a twisted centimeter. They are designed shaybopodobnuyu different color schemes, which are marked by a circle clock – from 0 to 11, that is an analogue of the disk normal chronometer.

To determine the current time there is a special bar which moves along the body, passing round within 12 hours. Partitioning allows you to define the time up to each of the 15 th minute of the hour, that is, for every hour of accounting for 4 marks: 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

Watches powered by batteries, can also highlight the current time.

Hours you can give to those interested in modern technology, who appreciates the original interior, as well it will add hours. First use of the watch may seem complicated, because they are not like normal, and therefore typically appear difficult, but eventually you get used to it and will determine the time on this clock as quickly as in normal.

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