Celestial Mechanics by Hermle. German watchmaker Franz Hermle founded the family business

Celestial Mechanics by Hermle


German watchmaker Franz Hermle founded the family business of Franz Hermle & Sohn in 1922 in the town Goshaym in southern Germany. It was a time the popularity of wristwatches, and it would be far more logical to release it them. Hermle but decided to do interior clock and as time showed, was not mistaken.

He, like the master of the XVIII century, made it all yourself, from start to finish – the only way to ensure quality. To this day, Hermle clocks are of the highest quality product, and their production – a symbiosis of art and production.

After all, big, especially floor, watches have always been not only a symbol of luxury and an art object, but also the most complex device, the achievement of scientific and engineering thought.

Take for example the model Hermle 01 048. Hand-crafted case made of carved oak contains a range of devices. Besides the traditional hour and minute hands, there is an additional dial with second hand, lunar calendar, which shows the development and change phases of the moon, the striking mechanism with three tunes and automatic cut-off for the night.

The range of watches produced today by, is extremely wide. Hermle covers the entire interior niche hours, producing mechanical and quartz, the classical model and design. Along with products targeted at the mass consumer, the company produces and true masterpieces in watchmaking.

Celestial Mechanics by Hermle
Sample skill specialists of the company – a model of the series “Astrolabe-2000” (code 22 773 22 836 and).

There are in use by physicists and astronomers, the word “tellurium”, which means a device for demonstrating the Earth’s motion around the Sun and planets, as well as the daily rotation of Earth around its axis.

In this term for watchmakers mechanism showing the movement of celestial bodies.

A complex system of wheels reproduces the Earth’s motion around the Sun, the Moon around the Earth, as well as the rotation of the two planets around their axes. During the year the Earth passes through all the zodiacal constellations engraved on separating the hours and tellurium bronze disk. This disc has the same layout as the months and dates, so that the clock can also serve as a calendar.

Astronomy, which seemed to contemporaries of Galileo and Copernicus incredible, and for calculations that require complex computations, winner of the “Astrolabe” can watch at home.

This complex astronomical instrument is driven by a precision quartz movement, cleverly hidden in a wooden stand. Stand watch is made of polished and coated with piano lacquer precious wood – mahogany or cherry. Glass dome is manufactured by master glassblowers in accordance with the old artisan traditions. Feature of this model is 22 836 dial – skeleton decorated with an engraving in a weave of wildflowers.

Further development of the theme of astronomical clock in the model was “Tellurium II” (model 22 805). In contrast to earlier, it is entirely mechanical watch with an eight-day plant, have also the striking mechanism and the melody of Westminster.

Several modified here and the astronomical unit: Earth’s axis is tilted relative to the plane of rotation around the sun and now clearly show the clock and even the seasons. Among other differences – silvered dial, made in the technique of guilloche, small seconds hand at “12 o’clock” stand watch is made of cherry and is available in two variants: the natural color and covered with black lacquer. The mechanism is protected by a crystal dome.

Celestial Mechanics by Hermle
The “stellar collection” also includes the wall clock model 70 650. This is a pendulum clock with the Graham escapement, rope suspension, weights and eight by the striking mechanism with spiral gongs. Two additional dials show the month and day of week, in the “12 o’clock” is a pointer to the phases of the moon. An original feature of this model is the central arrow with moon ending, showing the date.

Perhaps the smallest change in a hundred years of existence has been mantel clock: All the same and that a few centuries ago, strict lines, impeccable arrangements and a nice mild bout … In the model of 22 702 count the two central arrows hours and minutes and small, in the “12 o’clock” – seconds. Mechanism with an eight-day plant, in addition to chetvertchasovogo battlefield has three automatically turned off at night tunes.

Mantle clock model 22 689 22 702 differ from not only the body, which has a special drawer for keys, but the basic layout and a dial. On the inner ring of Roman numerals indicate the hours and on the external, Arab, – minutes.

And finally, the most difficult of the fireplace – a model of 22 802. Mechanism with silver dial, as if suspended in an elegant shell-arches.

On the main dial are four miniatures – one with a second hand, on the other you can find the date, month and day of the week. Corps of solid precious wood (cherry or walnut) is decorated with details from the rhizomes of these trees.

As well as the fireplace, the old tradition and reminiscent of carriage clocks. On their mission says a pen in the upper part of the case – once the richest nobles took them on the road. Model 22 784 from his great-great-great-grandparents differ much more precise way and a great set of features: an eight-day plant, chetvertchasovoy battle tune. Elegant arrows indicate the hours and minutes, while the upper part of the mechanism of the semicircular area with an engraved image of the moon phase, is the scale with the numbers of the lunar month.

Do not forget the master Hermle and “those who are at sea” (model 35 046). Once the hourglass was one of the oldest navigational instruments. Mariners sailing fleet with “bells’ (the so-called mechanisms of these simple countdown) measured the ship’s time and speed of the ship. It was then that an expression” to beat the bottle “- hit the bell when the sand is poured from one half hour to another.

Now ships are equipped with sophisticated navigational instruments, similar to those used in aviation and space, but the ship’s bell was alive, and in the fleets of most maritime countries continue to fight off the bottle. Hermle Ship Clock hit the bottle every 4 hours – this is the duration of the ship’s watch.

Hermle remains faithful to its traditions. Horse firm is still accurate and reliable mechanics. Suffice it to say that 80% produced in the world of interior mechanical clock mechanisms used by Hermle.

High quality firm’s leads to an increase in demand and companies have to continually increase production. In 1977 he founded a subsidiary company of Hermle Black Forest Clocks Amherst, Virginia, USA. And in August this year, finished building a huge new complex of the German factory in Reichenbach.

In addition to manufacturing parts for machinery, of the old building and moved to the same area for several years producing non-specific products for watchmakers: parts for diesel engines, Mercedes, which require the highest, the so-called time, accuracy of manufacture. Is not it better recognition of the authority and capacity of Hermle?

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