At the right time and place. Tommy Hilfiger, who still leads their mark in no hurry to strike

At the right time and place


Tommy Hilfiger, who still leads their mark in no hurry to strike nor a luxury, glamor, or in excess sportiness, nor even more so in the strict classical. Nevertheless, three-color flag Tommy Hilfiger invariably be found on the brightest parties on both sides of the Atlantic.

The secret is that the designer does not change its course and makes clothing for those who are called “Party People”.

At the same sights and people concern Movado Group (brand Movado, Ebel, Concord and Hugo Boss), when he decided to run the clock brand Tommy Hilfiger.

Here they are – buyers branded clothes, visitors to private club parties, bargain hunters the most popular resorts and concerts.

Probably no other layer about what we do not know so much, because it is about 70% say their glossy media and youth channels. And in fact, these buyers – one of the most discerning and demanding. People who know quality matters, do not buy fashion watch just for fashion’s logo and a bright face. And if you understand what they really want to see in his wrist and do it – success is guaranteed.

At the right time and place
In North America, watch brand was launched in 2002 and his first collection, designed for the international market, the company introduced a year ago, Movado. It was a test: only four lines, a few references a limited edition. Orders for all goods offered have been issued during the first three days of the Basel exhibition. And by the end of spring it was all sold out in stores. This experience convinced producers that they were able to hit the target and this year took a full hour premiere of the brand.


“I myself have always loved to watch and a very early age relates to their choice of a very meticulously,” – said Tommy Hilfiger. – I would never have even twenty years has been put on a watch that does not comply with my style or I would have seemed “cheap”. So when we planned to launch a collection of the hour, I said it must be a real luxury. But the luxury for the young. ”

All collections of Tommy Hilfiger, and their more than a dozen, are divided into four main themes: classic, fashion, innovation and sports. Corporate colors, logo recognizable and unusual design, inherent Tommy Hilfiger, – this is not an end in itself, but the mechanisms for setting and buildings of high quality.

For example, for an impressive body of models and Bayhead Fairfax hiding ETA automatic movement, which opens gaze through a window in a silver guilloche dial. Yes, this watch is fashionable and they are the same three-color logo that can be seen on the jacket, or a fashionable jacket. But they may well deserve to have to attend an interview at the first serious post or to appear at the prestigious nightclub.

At the right time and place
The same can be said about the models Beacon, where in addition to the side of the second hand on the dial there is indication of date and 24-hour indicator GMT – very much in demand function for traveling young people.

With the same calculation – to look fashionable, but expensive at an affordable price – and made an elegant collection of women’s Tommy Hilfiger. In models of Belmont and Cameron elegant elongated body is complemented by a silver or white dial with delicate engraving and gold plating (Cameron) and a luxurious strap soft morocco leather.

Design women’s collections is inspired by the Florentine architecture of the XVIII century, it is not surprising that these models have already loved in Italy, where the value style and elegance.

In an effort to preserve affordable price for young men, Tommy Hilfiger not to abuse the precious materials, trying to focus on quality. Brilliantly polished steel in the model Stella combined with pink mother of pearl dial and strap made of artificial fur mink created, again in Italy, by special order of the brand.

But the full style of Tommy Hilfiger appeared in collections for sport and recreation. It can be seen everywhere recognizable elements of style military, borrowed from the corresponding lines of clothing.

This is a massive square case and chronograph Voxton (all black with a single bright yellow second hand), and strap style models Nato Stanford (balance of style lies literally in every detail, for example, partially painted with red markings on the bezel) and TV-diving Screen model Snider, complete with a bracelet made of thick calf leather with studs.

There are a series of sports watches and Tommy Hilfiger Ladies Moab. This convenient and multifunctional chronograph with date display is full of fashionable details: bright red counter hands, shiny leather fuchsia, silver bezel engraved with a circle logo Tommy Hilfiger. Moab has become one of the hits of sales of this hot summer.

“For the Movado Group Tommy Hilfiger brand has become one of the important stages of development throughout the company and our success in the future” – said the president this spring, Tommy Hilfiger Watches Chinich Alan. – This watch neustupayuttem what you’re used to seeing in the production of Movado Group, but have the advantage because they are absolutely relevant to today’s younger buyers products. ”

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