“Asian Dream” – the theme of the 15th conference JIMH

Asian Dream


2 and November 3, 2011 will be held 15th World Conference on the account JIMH, which takes place every year in the heart of Switzerland – in the towns of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Neuchatel.

The topic for discussion at the upcoming conference will be the Asian part of the European continent.

Asia was the focus for developing constantly watch brands. The Asian market is now an important strategic factor, which is based on the further development of chasoproizvodstva. The main theme of the conference “Asian Dream” has incorporated a wide range of issues analyzed with a number of international speakers.

Here is a list of topics to be discussed at the conference:
– Development of the points of sales in Asian markets

  • Brand recognition in Asia, with the help of the Internet
  • Digital Media
  • The Asian consumer and its relation to the wristwatch
  • Study of the Asian countries
  • Semiotic studies
  • The time for the Eastern cultures.

The conference is composed of two sections and will be held at the Theatre de l’Heure Bleue in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

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